The Morning Good

The Morning Good

by Kelly Anne Manuel (Author)
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"The Morning Good" was born as a poem and remains so in this newly minted Book One of Kelly Anne Manuel's Essentials Series. In this story the Child is invited to experience their mornings in a unique and beautiful way. The optimism that the story presents is practical as well as heart warming.

"The Morning Good" offers a standing invitation to the Child. The Child will learn that every morning is a fresh, new day, with unlimited adventures to embrace. It has a rhythm which encourages the Child to look upon each morning as special.

The simple words take on new meaning as the illustrations pair perfectly with their presentation. The illustrations offer a different view of the morning on the planet. The Child will be drawn in to discover this different view as the Northern Lights as well as Polar Bear illustrations leap off the page. Children who begin their morning ritual with optimism reap wonderful benefits. The story ends with a
decision to greet the morning with the awe that it really does inspire. Teaching the Child that they can also make decisions about how to face their day is crucial to healthy self esteem.

It is in Early Childhood that self esteem and identity are under major construction. "The Morning Good" is a tool in a Caregiver's toolbox to assist with that healthy formation. The idea that we are united with Nature and Science is such an important message that the author feels Children's literature must reflect. The Child who reads this book will be rewarded with fresh optimism each day as they welcome “The Morning Good.”

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August 08, 2022
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