The Bear Teddy

The Bear Teddy

by Kelly Anne Manuel (Author)
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“THE BEAR TEDDY” was born as a poem and remains so in this newly minted Book Three of Kelly Anne Manuel’s Essentials Series. In this story the Child is invited on a journey to the Arctic where the Animal Kingdom there enhances the adventure. The Child will naturally engage with the immediate introduction to the main character, Teddy.

“The Bear Teddy” offers a standing invitation to the Child. The Child will observe that there is inspiration to be found in the natural world around them and in far off distant lands. It is a happy way to see the Arctic animals live cohesively while providing support for each other. The story ends with an example of sharing that is heart warming and practical.

The simple words take on new meaning as the illustrations pair perfectly with their presentation. The illustrated animals in this story are personified to provide an example of cooperation, encouragement, and friendship. The Child’s imagination will be ignited with possibilities as all manner of images leap off the pages.

Children are naturally curious about different environments and far off places. In this story the author encourages the Child to actively engage in flexing their imagination muscle. The narrator presents examples of how mutual support can allow relationships to flourish.

It is in Early Childhood that futures are being constructed. “The Bear Teddy” is a tool in a Caregiver’s toolbox to assist with that healthy formation. The idea that Nature and the Animal Kingdom are available to model positive and optimistic interactions is fully embraced here. The Children who read this book will be rewarded with an adventure into the Arctic where cohesion rules the day.

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August 08, 2022
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