Message to the young generation

Message to the young generation

by Leaders for Peace (Author)
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Leaders for Peace brings together 40 leading international personalities with extensive experience of crises, a plurality of sensibilities and pedagogical qualities to promote new approaches to peace.

Because youth is the future of humanity, Leaders for Peace, in partnership with the African Development Bank (AfDB), have addressed their messages and recommendations to African youth, on the challenges and issues that await them.

With the African Development Bank, strong of its network in 54 countries, our two organizations wanted to put their experiences to good use for the benefit of youth. Indeed, with more than 200 million inhabitants aged 15 to 24, Africa has the largest youth population in the world. By 2050, two thirds of Africans will be under thirty years old, which represents a major demographic challenge in terms of education and employment, but also an environmental challenge, because the pressure on resources associated with climate change must be considered and addressed accordingly.

How to act usefully for the public life of one’s country? How to build dialogue approaches to deal with conflict? What are the issues that should mobilize youth as a priority? What role for women? How to effectively implement gender equality? How to promote the culture of dialogue and non-violence?

It is to these questions that our Leaders have humbly attempted to provide answers. Based on their experiences, eleven international personalities (former Prime Ministers, Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Executive Directors of international organization, Ambassadors...) attempt to provide food for thought to help young people better understand their future and the challenges that await them.

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August 11, 2022
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