The Meaning of Motherhood

Discovering Joy and Purpose Through Christ in the Everyday Moments of Mom Life
by Alexandra Jensen (Author)
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As a stay-at-home mom, Alexandra used to wonder if her life really mattered. She would wake up each morning as a sense of purposelessness washed over her. That is, until she washed her face, opened up her Bible, and heard what the Lord had to say! The truth is, she didn't have to make a dent in the whole world, just in the little worlds God had placed right in front of her: her children. Maybe you can relate? You may be a new mom or a more experienced mother, still struggling with the same old question. What is my purpose? you may wonder. The Meaning of Motherhood will walk you through answering this larger-than-life question, one baby step at a time.
The Meaning of Motherhood is a blessing for moms who experience moments of discouragement. God's word is a guiding light, and learning how to lean in on Christ through the ups and downs of motherhood is essential to believers. The Meaning of Motherhood is an entertaining, spirit-filled book of empowerment for all who go by the name "Mama."

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August 04, 2022
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