Reverse Mission: the Dialectics of the Nigerian Religioscape

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It is obvious that Pentecostalism according to this work is a force to reckon with in the contemporary Christianity. No doubt it has created permanent positive and negative impact on the mainline churches therefore; religious landscape cannot be the same again. Now that some (Pentecostals) are returning to the mainline churches, it shows either that the initial intention has selfish tendencies or that there are some terms of liturgy, faith experiences, and theology in the mainline that cannot be compromised.
There is need to articulate a model of Church that will explicate theologically, and ecclesiology, the reality of the Christian faith in the contemporary society, capable of making the encounter between God and humanity an experimental reality. I humbly appreciate this piece and recommend it for publishing.
The Rt. Revd. Dr. J. Akin Atere,
Bishop, Diocese of Awori & Old Testament Scholar

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8 août 2022
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