Answered Prayers

by Alice L. Rokahr (Author)
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Tragedy strikes when Nita is diagnosed with three inoperable brain tumors and given a two-percent chance to survive. In order to be close to her family in her final days, she opts for hospice care at home. Her sister, Alice, prays for strength and the wisdom to carry out her role as one of Nita’s caretakers.

Answered Prayers is about a simple call to the Lord from a humble servant whose call is answered in the most awesome of ways, beyond what Alice could imagine.

This is a moving memoir and tribute to Alice’s late, beloved sister Nita. Alice shares her story of time spent caring for Nita following a medical event that leaves her unable to care for herself. Although this is an emotionally charged memoir, Alice reveals how the experience ultimately brought her closer to God. Her words will comfort others going through similar tragedy. Prayers are always answered in His way, in His timing, and in ways that are best for us.

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August 10, 2022
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