Extremism (Anachronism, Anarchism, Infantilism, Nihilism) or a More Perfect Union (Breach or Bridge Message to America)
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A nation dying of self-inflicted mental and moral wounds turns rabid—extremist. Leadership crippled by corruption, moral impairment, physical and mental decay, capable of nothing other than the same old thing, flails and destroys and in cowardice (likened to an infant but powered by lethal partners), ducks responsibility and blames a made-for-the-occasion “enemy.”

America’s leadership class of kleptocrats, gerontocrats, incestuous hangers-on and clingers to Washington’s revolving door are the American (anachronistic, anarchist, nihilist) extremists. They create and feed on global and national crises; and spawn America’s weakness, unpreparedness, and loss of common defense. Their age must end.

Epitaph returns to the framers of the American Union, lays out the nature of present-day American extremism with critical evidence from distant headlines and information sources and context of world thinkers — originating far beyond the Washington Beltway. The work ends with advisory notes to youth, and notes toward forming a More Perfect Union.

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August 10, 2022
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