From Advent to Ascension

A Journey with the Christ
de Charles Ensminger (Auteur)
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From Advent to Ascension: A Journey with the Christ follows the themes and direction of the Christian year that focus specifically on the earthly life of Christ.

Beginning with the expectations of Advent, you’re invited to walk with Jesus from his birth to his Ascension. This journey encourages you to consider what it means to take the name of “Christian.”

As such, this book invites you to carefully consider the elements of Jesus’s life and teachings. Consider questions such as:

• What does it truly mean to follow Jesus?

• What does Christianity claim arrived in the person of Jesus?

• What is God’s dream for the future of humanity?

• What is it we should expect from the Christ?

Christianity is a faith with a story. That narrative is told and retold year after year until it can be lost in the mix of seasons and programs. From Advent to Ascension can be a tool by which your church can encounter anew the story of the Christian faith.

Ignite your faith and join the author on a devotional study of Jesus beginning with the Advent season and continuing through his ascension. It is a journey that will move you closer to the Lord.

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10 août 2022
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