Love Songs

Small Tender Essays
by Judy Pollard Smith (Author)
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The reader will enjoy several finely crafted personal essays interspersed with amusing vignettes. The essays provide a spirited and sensitive look at nature, music, literature, family, friends, heritage, multiculturalism and personal loss. Some of the essays have been previously published in newspapers or magazines. They are short, salient and to the point.
This small tender book offers a unique glimpse at grief recovery. What do the bereaved do with the long corridor of empty hours? How do they go about recreating life? Where does the balance sit between continuing in sorrow or telling oneself that putting one foot in front of the other is essential?
How do we hold onto the history of our loved ones? What life rafts have we in order when we need them? Who and what will we put in the drivers seat?
In spite of the the loss factor the authour’s lyrical writing style brings smiles and hope. It is forward looking and honest.
It is a calming read for lovers of life.

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August 10, 2022
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