Shame Off You

Unshaming Mental Health Struggles
de Rob Mason (Auteur)
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Do you have an irritating feeling on the inside? Is there something mysterious hindering you, pulling you down, and holding you back? What could it be?

It might be the primal and painful human emotion of shame.

Shame is an intimidating feeling of inferiority.

SHAME OFF YOU focuses on the shame connected with mental health struggles. This book will take you on a pilgrimage for your soul, embracing the ancient wisdom of the Biblical narrative of shame.

Underlying this ancient and timeless wisdom is a down-to-earth biography of Rob's journey of steadfast faith in God while navigating through the turmoil of shame, panic attacks and chronic anxiety. Be assured that this book is readable, relatable and profoundly practical.

Each chapter offers a fresh and insightful perspective on the nature of shame and the collateral damage caused by shame. Gain invaluable knowledge of the catastrophic birth of shame, shame triggers and the damaging shame narrative.

If shame can get on you, then shame can get off you. Don't settle for concealing, distracting and numbing your shame. You will not mislead with a magical formula of recovery or a one-size-fits-all solution.

The way out of shame is a daring journey that encompasses courageous vulnerability and dramatic ebbs and flows. Are you ready to be a shame buster? Start reading and start moving in partnership with the Holy Spirit into shame-free living.

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12 août 2022
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25 Mo
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