Summary of Libby Copeland's The Lost Family

by   Everest Media (Author)
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Sample Book Insights:

#1 Alice Collins Plebuch is a retired teacher who loves to sew. She is very short, and her grandchildren call her Grandma Nerd for her love of technology. She warned me not to take my shoes off, because sewing pins were scattered all over her house.

#2 Alice’s brain was trained to solve problems and find solutions years before she was asked to answer the most important question of all. She was not wealthy when she was growing up, so she put herself through college by washing dishes and tutoring kids in math and sewing her own clothes.

#3 Alice was a career woman in the field of information systems and data processing. She was promoted constantly, and she always made sure the systems she worked on were better. She was also an early adopter of new technologies.

#4 Alice had long had questions about her family. Her mother, who was also named Alice, was into genealogy, and kept an old family bible from the 1840s with birth, death, and marriage notations that traced back her English roots.

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