Summary of Nathan Furr's The Upside of Uncertainty

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 The upside of uncertainty is the origin of possibility. It’s simple: every person, process, and product has passed through countless uncertainties before arriving at the current known iteration. When we focus on the possibility from the outset, calmly recognizing that uncertainty will attend every possibility, we team up with the upside of uncertainty.

#2 The Reframe tools are largely cognitive in nature, and they are about how you make sense of the world. They have a good deal of overlap with Sustain, the other tool kit on the north-south thinking axis of the first-aid cross.

#3 We are wired to fear uncertainty, and we will even lie to keep what we have if we are faced with a loss. This explains why we prefer certain gains over other similar gains.

#4 We can use the same framing effect to reframe uncertainty as a potential gain, instead of a loss, which will change how we respond to it. We must first consider ourselves as having enough courage to stand at the edge of opportunity.

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