Cherished Family Stories for Our Cherished Children

A Celebration of One American Family’s History Through Its Stories
by Mary Jane Bolin (Author)
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Inspired by her mother’s numerous tales of growing up in Nebraska during the Depression, and as her life as a young bride and as a nurse, Mary Jane began compiling these anecdotes years ago when she began to realize their significance to her family’s history. With the birth of nieces and nephews and the death of her beloved mother came the realization that life does not last forever and the imperative to preserve these family treasures became even greater. With generous and enthusiastic contributions of photos, facts, details and insights, family members enhanced these stories and provided depth and luster to this glimpse into an American family descended from immigrants. Although it is typical in many ways, this family is unique – as perhaps all families are unique – and the author’s gratitude to her parents, her sister and each of her relatives is boundless.

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August 10, 2022
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