Summary of Diana Preston's Eight Days at Yalta

by   Everest Media (Author)
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#1 The three leaders who would at Yalta decide the end of the war and the shape of the future peace shared only a single common goal: the speedy defeat of Nazi Germany. They were all in poor health, with Roosevelt being the poorest.

#2 Churchill was a habitual alcoholic. He enjoyed whisky, which he always drank without ice but with enough soda or water for one of his private secretaries to describe it as really a mouthwash. He loved champagne and brandy.

#3 Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin were all heavy smokers. Their appearances were also different. Roosevelt was tall and thin, with dark rings under his eyes. Churchill was short and round, with no hair on his head. Stalin was tall and thin, with light blue eyes.

#4 The theatricality of the three leaders was different. Roosevelt worked office hours, Churchill was night owl, and Stalin was a night owl. They all had different habits and approaches to government, but they all had a sense of humor.

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