Summary of Clive D. L. Wynne's Dog Is Love

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 I had been studying dogs for several years before I finally decided to get one. I had been spending so much time with people and their dogs that I felt strange coming home to a dogless house. My family decided to get a dog, and they found one at a shelter that I wasn’t familiar with.

#2 The author went to visit the shelter with his family, and found that the dogs there were not welcoming at all. They exhibited behaviors that seemed the opposite of welcoming, and the author didn’t feel safe conducting research there.

#3 I had lived with dogs before, and I knew how warm their response to my species could be. Yet when I brought Xephos home, her affectionate nature did not make sense to me at first. It was not until I began to question other aspects of the received wisdom about dogs that I realized how special they are.

#4 Hare was interested in the social intelligence of chimpanzees, and he tested them to see if they could understand the implications of a simple pointing gesture. The chimpanzees failed, but his dog Oreo could understand the gesture and find the food hidden under the cups.

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August 16, 2022
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