Summary of Joshua Coleman's Rules of Estrangement

by   Everest Media (Author)
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Sample Book Insights:

#1 When dealing with estranged families, I typically spend two to five sessions with each parent and child. I ask about their own childhood history, so I can learn about experiences they may be repeating or that continue to influence them.

#2 When it comes to making amends, parents must understand that the way they’ve been doing things isn’t getting them what they want. They must try to empathize with their children’s complaints or perceptions, however at odds these are with their own.

#3 It can be difficult for parents to understand their children’s complaints of mistreatment, as they may have experienced the same from their own parents.

#4 I was able to help Ralph and Rachel reconcile with Frank, but not on Frank’s terms. Frank was unwilling to do it on the terms set forth by his father.

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August 16, 2022
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