Sing a Rhythm, Dance a Blues

by Monique W. Morris (Author)
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Sales Track: Pushout has sold 35,000 copies across editions and Black Stats has sold 8,500 across editions to date.

Platform: The author’s 2018 TED Talk was released online 1/15/2019 and was viewed over 800,000 times in the first 2 weeks. She shared the bill with Marian Wright Edelman, William Barber, Stacey Abrams, Dolores Huerta and received a standing ovation. Morris has 5,000 Twitter followers, 1,900 on Facebook, and 1,500 on Instagram. A documentary tied to Pushout has also been produced.

Media: Her work has been profiled by MSNBC, CSPAN2, the Washington Post, the New York Times, NPR, and PBS, among others.

Speaking: Morris lectures regularly in school districts, universities, conferences, and community organizations.

Endorsements: We have blurbs from Marley Dias, Marc Lamont Hill, and Christopher Emdin, among others.

Affiliations: Morris is the Founder and President of the National Black Women’s Justice Institute, a 2012 Open Society fellow, works closely with NoVo and Ford foundations, and is a former NAACP Vice President for Economic Programs and Advocacy and Research.

New foreword and format: Rising education star Bettina Love, author of We Want to do More Than Survive, will write the foreword. A paperback refresh will be ideal for this book, as the audience for education titles often waits for paperbacks.

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August 02, 2022
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