Go Ahead

Daily Devotional
by William M. Shelton (Author)
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Insight, challenge, and life application.
This is a book for men to be rallied, raised up, and prepared to live in a culture where Christ is first and foremost, not a secondary consideration. This devotional is intended to be a quick but profound read for the man, husband, and father who prioritizes kingdom principles over culture in everything he does. It uses Scripture to speak to our daily existence, occupations, and ambitions. Real men understand and appreciate authority, and there is an authority over our lives that speaks "louder" than the sports analysts, newscasters, and social media gurus of our day: that authority is the Word of God.
Refreshingly written with compassion, grace, and inspiration, this is a book that will speak to any man who wants more of Christ and wants Christ to have more of him. If that is you, pick up this book and start digesting the principles contained therein. Consider what is being said and admonish yourself first, then find another man to admonish.
Men want to be inspired and really welcome the challenge when it is done with integrity and pure motivation. If there is a man in your life whom you sincerely care about, pick up this devotional for him, place it in his hands, and prayerfully await for change in his heart. God's Word will not return void; it is life and spirit. These pages contain the power to bring about scriptural principles into action.

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August 12, 2022
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