Anchored to the Savior

A Guide to Understand Christian Salvation and Redemption
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When a house is being built, it is best to pour a concrete slab to act as an immovable foundation. That’s why the builder will place curved metal bolts in wet concrete. These anchor bolts are hardened into the foundation and attach the house’s wood frame to the concrete base. As a result, the house is anchored to the foundation and can survive most weather events.

Likewise, Jesus Christ used the metaphor of a house anchored to a firm foundation when He spoke about having an enduring faith in God.

This book is a plea from the author for everyone to find their way to heaven. He asks questions such as:

• What good is wealth and security if you lose your soul in the process?

• What are the foundational principles of Christianity?

• What biblical themes pertain to genuine faith and salvation in Jesus Christ?

The timeless truths found in this book aren’t new, but they are seldom preached and sometimes even dismissed by modern churches.

Gain a deeper appreciation for God’s Word, grow stronger in faith, and find eternal salvation with the wisdom in Anchored to the Savior.

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August 12, 2022
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