The Warrior Within

by David Ray (Author)
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When Rebekah Dempsey learns that she’s inherited her uncle’s house and farm in West Plains, Missouri, she’s confused. She only met Billy Bowden once, briefly at her mother’s funeral ten years ago. Rebekah and her husband, Richard, a retired preacher, travel from their home in Kentucky to the small parcel in southern Missouri to handle the estate.

But as the two explore the property and talk to neighbors and townfolk, there are more questions than answers. Rebekah and Richard eventually discover their new property harbors an air of darkness, something that dates back to a terrible time in American history.

In their pursuit, they cross paths with a modern organization that is amazingly structured and knows no limit to evil. Rebekah and Richard face the ultimate horror of modern slavery with faith and courage. In a worldwide chase, the two realize the true meaning of faith and family.

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August 12, 2022
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