Embattled Projects

Biblical Secrets and Practical Advice for Turning Around Your Failing Projects
de Gwyn Myers PhD (Autor)
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In the business world, projects often fail—and no wonder! Many issues that rarely get resolved independently all come together to battle it out, destroying good intentions. Gwyn Myers’s frustration over failure did not come as an overnight Ah ha! after a short period of observation or involvement. Instead, it came after more than thirty years of serving in management positions.

During one particularly exasperating moment, Gwyn wondered, What would Jesus do? Though He wasn’t technically in the business field, did He have these types of problems? As she began to look more closely at His ministry, she realized, Yes, He did. Jesus, His disciples, prophets, and others had to deal with the same problems we face today.

Embattled Projects is an insightful business guide drawing on Biblical principles and professional experience to provide advice on the topics most relevant to an organization’s success, including clear, effective communication; conflict management; decision-making; time management; and leadership. Biblical examples and practical experiences will solve the problematic pieces of any project, and success will follow.

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11 de agosto de 2022
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