Life Doesn't Have to Be a Sentence

Choose Your Hard
de Dara Barnes (Auteur), Brian Hearold (Auteur)
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My wife and I wrote this book because we believe I have a powerful story to share with you. I want to share my story so that you can understand the full consequences of poor choices. I made poor choices in my youth, leading to spending 23 years in prison. I also want you to know you can always make a better choice, no matter your circumstances. I took full responsibility for my poor decisions and choices and now I am proof of this! During the time I have been out, I have worked my way into a promising career; I met the love of my life who does not judge me and loves me unconditionally. All this would not be possible without a conscious decision to make good choices in my life. I need you to understand that you have options, and maybe by hearing my story, I will be able to impact your lives positively. I know you; I was you; I believe in you. I also think that you are capable of making better choices and decisions, and your lives will get so much better.

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11 août 2022
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