The Gift of the Great Rays

A Course in Miracles and Its Promise of Freedom
de Sally J. McKirgan (Autor)
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We have a Choice: Peace or Hell. This collection of essays and poetry including the author’s experience of the Great Rays, offers reflections on choosing peace while living in a chaotic world. This world is not always a nice place with mass killings, wars, starvation and death! But, happiness and inner peace are possible because it’s a conscious choice, nurtured and attended to carefully.

The world is dualistic with opposites; good - bad; love - fear and life - death. Consequently we inherited a dualistic split mind. The ego part chooses judgment and separation. It is NOT your friend being the opposite of love. It manipulates; gives only to get; must always win; is jealous; judges everyone and everything making you fearful and unhappy. Observing the ego is crucial for peace otherwise we don’t realize the problem. Question the thoughts that run on automatic. They cover the light and innocence that you are with no promise of peace or freedom.

Help is available from the other part of your mind: the higher Self. After tiring of the pain and deciding to find another way, with an open mind we go to the stately calm within. Turning inward to quietness we ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit to see things differently. Now open to the gentle inner voice we choose a different perspective. We listen silently for the thought bringing wisdom and gradually removing the blocks to love shining within. We can’t do this with the ego. We need Help from truth residing in the mind. It is simple, life changing and it needs watchfulness and mind training. These essays will help in realizing your true identity: you are innocent; eternal; a Light in this world; you are needed and the promise of peace is worth the effort!

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