Wisdom to Survival
by Elizabeth Fabien (Author)
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With wisdom and willingness, you can achieve all that you want in life. An objective is what you need in mind as a driving force and your obligation is to follow this objective to make a step forward. Reason and react immediately. Your intuition will never fool you. Do not wait; opportunities don’t come twice. Dream and dare to take the risk of following your goals and drives. Make a choice, you will see the difference. Suffer and survive. Life comes with many challenges. One day you may fall, the next one, you will rise. Learn from the outcome of your mistakes and move forward to see brighter days. The purpose of W.O.R.D.S. is to disclose the things in life that you and I have been through at different levels. I decided to put my experience in poetry hoping to inspire you. This book is a dream to me and my gift to you. Enjoy the ride.

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August 11, 2022
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