Nana's Summertime Treats

de Sharon Rogers (Autor)
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As far as my family can remember, from back in the early 1960s up to the present, most summers when school is out African American children are sent down South to stay with close family members, such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, to learn how to work the fields or just for free child care. In those days, we truly believed in the scripture that says, "I am my brother's keeper" (Genesis 4:9).

This story is about a little girl named Kiari in the twenty-first century, and the routine continues. Kiari is taught that Nana, her grandmother, does her share to keep the family going. What Kiari learns is that being a good cook is hard work. Kiari also learns some reading skills and business techniques at a very young age. She looks forward to sharing this valuable time with her grandparents.

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19 de agosto de 2022
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