Cyn's Resort

Cyn's Resort

by R.M. Dexter (Author)
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Busty Cynthia is thrilled when her husband surprises her with a trip to a resort in Jamaica, where the all-male, all-black, well-hung staff are eager to please their guests in any way they can. And Cyn finds that it takes the attention of many of the staff members in order to satisfy her, a lot of staff members!


Cynthia was 5’-7” tall and had always had a full figure, voluptuous and curvy, which most women her age had let get out of control, letting those plump touchable curves turn to fat. But not Cynthia. She’d been going to the gym regularly for years now, and it had kept her body looking years younger. She knew when she looked in the mirror that Jim was right about that. Maybe it was just genetics, but whatever it was, she knew she looked far younger than most 48-year-old women. She’d gained a bit of weight up top lately, having to go from an E cup to her current bra size, 38F, but she knew most men wouldn’t have a problem with that. As the years went by. It wasn’t hard to notice how interested all the men were in her chest size, their eyes blatantly roaming over her tremendous set, with many of them doing double-takes as she walked by, their eyes springing out of their heads like a cartoon.

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June 06, 2022
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