Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Simple (2 Books in 1)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Made Simple (2 Books in 1)

by Robin McGill (Author)
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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been an increasingly hot topic in the world of psychology in the past few years. More and more therapists and psychiatrists are adopting this type of speaking therapy due to its proven effectiveness in treating common mental disorders like anxiety and depression. Although we hear about this term a lot, what exactly is it? Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is based on the theory that a person's thoughts (cognition), emotion, and behavior are all constantly interacting with one another, therefore, if one of these three components are affected, the rest will be affected as well. Cognition is responsible for how we think and what we think, emotion is based on how we feel, and behavior is based on how we act. These three components all support the theory that if a person merely changes their thoughts or the way they think, it will impact our feelings, which will ultimately determine our behavior. In simple terms, this means that people who may be having negative or unrealistic thoughts that cause them distress could result in behavioral problems. When a person is suffering from psychological distress, the way they perceive certain situations can become contorted, this could cause negative behaviors.

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July 22, 2022
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