Two Brothers, Two MILF's

Two Brothers, Two MILF's

by R.M. Dexter (Author)
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Two brothers, twins, experience the boundless pleasures provided by two gorgeous and sexy MILFs. One is their teacher, the other... their mother!


Older Women And Younger Men... It’s a story as old as time itself, young men lusting after older women, and vice versa, older women secretly craving the illicit delights that only a young man can provide. Those cravings are even more prevalent today with the influence of the internet, and the acceptance by society of women stepping forward and not being afraid to satisfy their needs and desires as they wish, which more often than people realize involves the participation of young men, men young enough to be their own sons.

These mature, desirable women, often neglected by their spouses, appreciate the flattering attention and sexual prowess of these virile young men. These women’s husbands—when they even deign to engage in sex with their wives—usually end up being ‘one and done’, leaving the women disappointed and wanting more. These frustrated women are quick to look elsewhere to satisfy their lustful needs, since they know that never happens with the young studs they so badly crave.

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Publication date
August 01, 2022
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