The Root of Chinese Qigong 3rd. ed.

Secrets for Health, Longevity, and Enlightenment
di Jwing-Ming Yang (Autore)
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Long considered a classic text by teachers and students, The Root of Chinese Qigong offers the principles and theories of qigong practice.

This third edition includes

  • Updated pinyin that includes diacritical tonal marks (for proper pronunciation of Chinese words).
  • Updated Chinese text character font (providing better readability).

Dr. Yang is acclaimed for helping readers understand qigong concepts deeper and more clearly by expressing them in familiar methods for the Western mind. He takes these ancient concepts and presents them in a logical way that helps practitioners stay on the right path to deepen knowledge and skill.

In this book Dr. Yang teaches sitting and standing meditation, demonstrates qi massage techniques, and examines the Qi pathways in your body. He explains correct breathing methods, shares secrets for quieting the mind, and discusses how to increase your body's qi supply. He further explains important concepts such as the Three Treasures and regulating the body, breath, and mind.

Contents include

  • Qigong’s history
  • Basic concepts of qigong
  • Qi and the human body
  • The five categories of qigong
  • Regulating body, breath and mind
  • Regulating your essence, qi and spirit
  • Key points for improving practice
  • A detailed look at qi channels and vessels in the body

Whatever style of qigong you may practice, making sense of qigong theory and principles is the best way of achieving your goals sooner, more accurately, and deeper.

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