Me And My Best Mate’s Dad

Me And My Best Mate’s Dad

by Luke Turner (Author)
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A ‘must-have’ bundle pack consisting of 6 zip busters featuring mature men, some married, who weaken and submit to the ever-present temptation of young and fresh 18's, very willing, boy-flesh. Non-stop man-on-boy sex, secret sessions, one nighters, bareback riders and explosive endings! Detailed, hard and explicit. If you are searching for real Gay hardcore you just found it. One handed reading guaranteed. Highly recommended. All 18 and above.


I knew by now not to make any unnecessary noises that would set any alarm bells ringing with the other members of staff and get us caught. There were cameras everywhere too, after all it was the University library and they worried about people vandalizing books or stealing them. I wasn't doing that, but I doubted they would be too pleased to know what went on in their stock room between their librarian and one of their students.

We always had to be quick, though, and that was exactly how I wanted it. I didn't want anything drawn out. I didn't want any sweet kisses behind bookshelves. I didn't want any soft touches, fingers grazing down my wrist, phone numbers being exchanged, a whispered invitation in my ear. No; nothing like that at all. I just wanted it fast and dirty. I wanted it as dirty as it could be; shove him in the back room, yank my pants down. That was what I wanted, and that was what I got with him. He never tried to say anything before or after. At least he understood what I wanted, not like some of the other dreamy fools who wanted a long term relationship just because we’d done it the night before.

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Publication date
August 16, 2022
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