Beloved From Beyond

Beloved From Beyond

Santa Azura No.2
by Malone Margate (Author)
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A group sex intervention changed his life; afterward, he finds out who and what he married. Part two of a series follows a young man's journey to a world that previously only existed in his imagination. A world where a sex-starved succubus becomes his willing bride; an angel from different earth who needs to feed on his sex and the love and lust of their friends.


If Cynthia had told me the truth about having never sucked on a man’s cock before, I wouldn’t have known any different. My spine melted upon feeling the hot warmth of her moist mouth engulfing my cock as I fed her the head of my iron erection. She sucked on it as hard as she could, and her tongue explored the soft shape of my circumcised mushroom head. Poking and probing the eye of my penis before racing around its rounded cap, pressing as hard as the tip of her tongue could into the sensitive flesh. Her free hand reached around to fill her palm with one of my butt cheeks, pulling me closer and my cock deeper into her mouth. My stroking hand pushed out of the way as her lips embraced, then slid down the length of my shaft.

The feeling of the roof of her mouth and inside edges of her teeth stiffened my cock even more. The tender flesh at the back of her mouth quickly replaced the strange sensation of her molars rubbing the head of my penis. An intense frictionless feeling so overwhelming it made my hips jerk, and my hand reached out to the sink to steady myself.

With my cock embraced by her tonsils, I felt her head quiver as she climaxed again. Pushing her nose and face to the fur above my cock, I felt a moan from her chest vibrating the head of my penis as she orgasmed. Cynthia pulled back slightly to take a deep breath, released an angry exhale through her nose, then tried to swallow more of my cock during her next attempt. I felt the eye of my cock spread open behind her tonsils, making her whole body jerk forward and spasm. Cynthia’s mouth instinctively retreated from my gag-inducing erection. She coughed three times in quick succession before her fingernails found, then dug into my butt cheek, pulling me toward her as she forced herself to take my cock into her mouth again.

There was more than passion behind her desperate actions. I could feel a sympathetic hunger in my stomach, seeing her needing to consume my sex as if her life depended upon it. Her shoulders and upper back lurched again as she fought back against her body’s desire to eject my cock and discharge the content of her stomach.

After trying and failing to swallow my cock, she pulled back, then panted an apology, “I promise I will get better at this. I’m trying, I am.”

The way her eyes never broke contact with my penis made me doubt if her regret and determination were mean for me or directed at herself. I tried to reply, I wanted to respond, but my voice continued to be non-functional; besides, there was no time as she proceeded to gag herself on my cock again.

Several more times, Cynthia’s body, throat, or lungs almost violently tried to dislodge or exorcize my intrusive penis until she mastered her body’s instinctive reflexes. After her heaving coughs and gurgling gasps faded away, she discovered or learned how to take my cock without consequence. She relaxed, I relaxed, and my hips naturally started to rock forward and back on their own.

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Publication date
August 16, 2022
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