A New Life

A New Life

by Santosh Chauhan (Author)
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Sometimes, the circumstances of life compel us to do such things which may seem immoral to us but in that lies the well being of our family. The same thing happened with a decent woman like Deepika and a sensitive boy like Rahul. To save his younger sister from the wrath of a spirit, Rahul had to make a temporary marriage with his own mother so that Avantika's soul could get a new life.


Deepika's sleep intoxication was showing its effect, then she started hearing a strange voice in her room.

Deepika, wake up. This is not the time to sleep. This time is very important and crucial in your life. Get up, open your eyes and look at me.

Deepika did not feel this voice of an ordinary human. She felt as if some divine person was trying to talk to her. Deepika opened her eyes and was surprised to see the woman standing in front. The woman standing in front of her looked radiant like the goddess of heaven. There were gold and silver ornaments on her body and she was smiling very seductively.

Deepika- Oh Goddess! Who are you and what do you want to tell me?

Deepika, you don't need to know my name but I know what you need in your life. you follow me. I want to show you something.

This sight was very divine for Deepika. She had no idea what was happening with her today. She quietly started following that divine woman. That divine woman was taking Deepika near Rahul's room. Rahul's room was open.

That divine lady entered Rahul's room and started smiling seeing the sight inside. Rahul was awake at this time. He had taken off all his clothes. His eyes were closed and he was caressing his penis remembering some woman.

Look, Deepika. Your son needs a woman. Your son is no longer a small child. He is yearning for sex. He needs a wife.

Dipika entered the room and was shocked to see her son in a completely naked state. Rahul's face was looking a bit different due to the longing for sex. He was caressing her penis with his right hand.

Deepika- Oh my lord! What am I seeing?

Deepika, the scene you are seeing is quite natural. It is not a big deal for a young man to have the desire to have sex. Now you have to fulfill his wish. After losing your husband, you are also burning in the fire of desires but there is no one to satisfy you. Listen to me, accept your son as your husband so that both of you can meet your needs and both of you can get a new life.

Hearing this, Deepika's

surprise knew no bounds. Deepika- What! Are you advising me to marry my own son? How can I do this? I have given birth to Rahul, how can I become the wife of my own son?

Don't think so, sister. It is a matter of great pride to be the wife of your son, why are you looking at it with disgrace? Rahul loves you very much. After marriage, he will make you very happy and will give you the happiness of being the mother of many children. Listen, he is masturbating while remembering you.

Rahul- Mom, I love you very much. You are the most beautiful woman in this world. If I get married, I will do it only with you. I cannot make anyone other than you my wife. You fill my life with pleasure by marrying me.

Rahul was talking a lot in his sleep. Till now, he had no idea that two women had entered his room and they were looking at him naked. Hearing the words of Rahul, all the doubts in Deepika's mind were cleared. A strange sensation started circulating in every part of her body

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August 16, 2022
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