Make Me Your Wife

Make Me Your Wife

by Santosh Chauhan (Author)
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Being a woman Maya needed love which she was trying sincerely to fulfill, but her love affair was affecting her family life a lot. Aman and Suman used to love their mother very much, but Maya's inappropriate behavior forced Aman to do what a son should never do to his mother, and after that, Maya's life was not the same.


Maya- Aman, you come back, son, I promise you that I will never do any mistake again. We cannot live without you. Come back home quickly.

Tears welled up in Maya's eyes. She was desperately calling her son. His daughter Suman was also sitting next to Maya. Suman's condition was also exactly like that of her mother.

Aman- No, mom, I can't come. It is true that you did a lot of mistakes regardless of Suman and me, but I should never have done what I did to you. I can't forgive myself for the crime of that night. Forgive me both of you, I don't want to come back home.

Maya- I have forgiven you for whatever happened that night. I know that you behaved badly with me out of anger, I know that you broke your limits to bring me on the right path. You haven't done anything wrong. Please, son, have mercy on your mother and come back home.

Now Suman took the phone from Maya's hand and started talking to Aman. Her heart was also very worried about Aman.

Suman- Brother, why are you insisting so much? Mummy has forgiven you and she will not do any such thing in future that will hurt our honour. Take off the burden of sin you have placed on your heart and come back home. We both need you.

Wiping her tears, Suman spoke her heart and requested Aman to return home. Even after the persuasion of mother and sister, there was no difference in Aman's answer.

Aman- Suman, you are my dear sister, I love you very much, I also love my mother very much, but at the moment, the remorse that has arisen in my heart about my crime is still very deep. I will not come to you until I get rid of that guilt.

Suman- Brother, don't say that, we can't live without you, it's been a week since you left home, at least tell me where are you and with whom?

Suman- Suman, don't worry, I am in Ambikapur itself. I am at a friend's house, and am completely safe. Now hang up the phone and don't worry about me. Take good care of yourself and mother.

After saying this, Aman hung up the phone.

Maya- What did he say? Won't he return home?

Suman- Brother said that he will not come home yet. He is in this city itself and is staying at a friend's house.

Maya- Everything happened because of my mistakes. I have failed miserably to be a good mother, I have given more importance to my own happiness than the happiness of my children. Because of my sins, today my son has left home after getting angry with me. Why didn't I die before seeing this day?

At this time, seeing Maya's cry, even the stone would melt. Suman hugged her mother and started giving her patience.

Suman- Mommy, calm down, brother loves both of us very much. See, he will be back home soon and all three of us will start a happy life afresh.

At this time it was 9 o'clock in the night. Maya had prepared the food but she was not having any desire to eat the food. Suman somehow persuaded Maya to eat food and both of them ate a little.

After this, Maya and Suman went to sleep in their respective rooms. Aman's bed was in Suman's room.

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August 16, 2022
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