Make Me Your Wife 2

Make Me Your Wife 2

by Santosh Chauhan (Author)
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Rachna did not know what happened between Aman and Maya that night. Rachna somehow met Aman and asked him to return to his home. Aman had understood that his family was most important to him. The affection of a mother and the love of a son crossed the boundaries drawn by the world and in the end, Maya decided to make her own son her life partner.


Rachna- Aman, now tell me the truth about everything, why are you living away from your home? What happened between you and Maya that night? I want to know everything.

Aman's heart was very scared after hearing the questions of Rachna. After a few moments, Aman gathered courage and started telling Rachna about that night.

Aman- Auntie, that night I was getting very angry with my mother, I did not want that our family should be brought into disrepute because of my mother's wrong actions, so I resolved to teach her a lesson. You will not believe knowing that I forcefully had sex with my Mom that night.

After saying this, Aman became completely silent.

The words that came out of Aman's mouth shook Rachna from top to bottom. She removed her eyes from Aman and started looking at the other side. At this time, Rachna could not see anything, she could only hear the echo of Aman's words. After a few moments, Rachna put her hand on Aman's shoulder and started talking to him.

Rachna- But your mother told me something else. Never mind, I can understand Maya's feelings. Maya would not want to hurt your respect, that's why she would not have told me anything about this truth. Aman, whatever you did, you did it out of anger, Maya has forgiven you from the heart. If she had not forgiven you, she would not have wept day and night in memory of you. Suman also loves you very much and she is very sad without you. I agree that you have made a big mistake, but now you need to rectify your mistake.

Aman- I do not understand this, Aunty. How can I rectify the sin I have committed? You tell me some solution.

Rachna- Aman, you are not a small child, you are the most important member of your family. It is your duty to protect your mother and Suman. If you want Maya's heart not to wander and her mind to be busy in family life, then you have to complete that family. Maya needs a friend, if you treat your mother with love, she will not need anyone else. Trust me, Maya is a very nice lady, you can make her very happy by being friends with her. Maya has also promised me that she will never do any wrong thing. Now you can forget the past and start a new life.

Thus Rachna changed Aman's heart.

Rachna- Now tell me when are you returning to your home?

Aman- Aunty, should I go to my house at this time?

Rachna- Aman, that house is yours, in that house, your mother and sister are waiting for you, and you are asking whether you should go there at this time or not. Sir, obey me and go to your home immediately. Come on, we both go to your house now.

Now Aman and Rachna leave the park and drive towards their destination in their respective vehicles. Aman reached his house in no time. Aman opened the gate and parked his bike in the courtyard. Rachna parked her scooty outside the gate itself. The door of the house was open. Rachna gave voice to Maya.

Rachna- Maya, come out quickly, I have caught your devil and brought him.

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August 16, 2022
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