MILF's Sexy Housewarming

MILF's Sexy Housewarming

de Tia Lascivo (Autor)
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Mature Annabel sees the new neighbors move in across the street. They're young and gorgeous. Annabel pays them a very sexy visit to welcome them to the neighborhood.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Annabel watched from the bedroom window.

They went back-and-forth: truck to the house, house to the truck. Two guys unloading furniture.

New neighbors were moving in.

She stood and watched for fifteen minutes, curious about who they were. Annabel saw the wooden headboard make the journey; a mattress; a huge TV; cardboard crates…

Then Annabel caught sight of the couple: a petite twenty-something girl with long dark hair wearing a bootlace top and Daisy Dukes, shorts brief enough to show the undercurve of her ass, the boy well over six feet tall.

He caught Annabel’s attention immediately: broad in the shoulders and narrow at the hips. Long, long legs.

“Mm, delicious,” she purred.

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5 de septiembre de 2022
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