The Magic Mom

by Dailey Alyce (Author)
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Moms are the greatest entrepreneurs in the world, and raising the next generation of entrepreneurial women doesn’t happen by accident. Our daughters grow into the conversations we have around them. What kinds of conversations can we have so they grow into the best versions of themselves?

In these pages, you’ll learn the formula of MAGIC which helps mothers create lives they love while leading their daughters to live powerfully:

  • M (Model): How am I modeling who I want my daughter to be as an adult?
  • A (Affirm): What spoken affirmation enables my subconscious to help me find the answers?
  • G (Grace): Who can I extend grace to in this situation and moment?
  • I (Inquire): What new questions could I ask to open up more possibility?
  • C (Coach): How am I showing up as a Coach to my daughter right now? Who is coaching me to become the best version of myself?
If you are a Mom who desires more for both your own life and your daughter, Alyce Dailey’s The MAGIC Mom: 5 Principles to Unlock Your Natural Gifts to Raise Entrepreneurial Daughters, is just for you. Join the community at

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September 27, 2022
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