After the White Smoke Cleared

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A person cannot see inside another person's heart or mind when they first meet that person. All they see is a pretty painted picture of that person on the outside like the icing on a cake, very sweet, but what they cannot see is that the sweet cake is decayed on the inside. When you first meet someone, you only see the outside appearance; you do not see the flaws and baggage that come along with that person because you are distracted by their attraction.

You strike up a conversation only to find out that you have something in common, and you say to yourself, This is my soulmate. Little do you know that the person who you think is your soulmate has ulterior motives because you think now you know them better.

After you fall in love with them, you still don't know them. It is only after you got married and lived together that you began to get to know them, and all their flaws and baggage began to show. Then the white smoke begins to clear, and by then, it is too late now because your heart has got involved. You are hooked, and it is hard to break away from them.

And the only one who could get you out of that white smoke is God.

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September 13, 2022
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