The Salt Is in the Schedule

Thoughts on Scheduling
by Alea D. Reeves (Author)
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Did you know?
• Salt was used as a currency to pay Roman soilders.
•The Don Juan Pond is so salty that is does not freeze.
•The word is derived from “salarium” meaning salary.

Where would the world be without salt? Too little salt or too much will cause imbalance. Salt is all around and used in many different ways. Salt plays a crucial role in many things such as the body, food, and on roads.
Just as salt is crucial and necessary so is a schedule. Schedules are crucial components in many things which impacts workflow, supply chain, and time management across industries and day-to-day life. Much like salt, scheduling is an ingredient in life and business. It usually is present in some way or capacity in our lives.

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September 12, 2022
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