Chakra Healing for Cats

Chakra Healing for Cats

Energy work for a happy and healthy feline friends
by Lynn McKenzie (Author)
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  • A pick-up gift or self-purchase for every cat-lover concerned about their cat's physical and emotional welfare.

  • Gives detailed information on your cat's chakras, their attributes and signs and symptoms for when they are out of balance.

  • Step-by-step natural healing remedies are given for general holistic care as well as to address specific chakras.

  • Learn to 'read' the health of your cat by assessing their behavior and body language.Help heal your pet's illness, injury or trauma; support them through events like moving home or adjusting to new members of the family; and get special tips on how to care for a rescued, abandoned or bereaved cat.

  • Across the globe, more than 373 million cats are kept as pets. Cats are most popular in Russia where 57% of people have a cat; France is next with 41% and the US with 39% (Consumer Life, 2020). 27% of households have cats in the UK.

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September 06, 2022
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