Unwinding the Divine Masculine

Discovering the Secrets to Divine Union and Sacred Love
by Velva Dawn Silver (Author)
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Velva never expected to be reentering the world of dating after a twenty-five-year hiatus. But that’s what life does. It throws us unexpectedly into the very lessons we’ve been running from and desperately need to learn. She soon discovered how outdated, patriarchal ways of connecting, creating, and being had been standing between her and the love she dreamed of. She patiently leaned in, trusting the voice of her own intuition and watching as old patterns and untruths slowly revealed themselves, unraveled thread-by-thread, and healed through her one soul at a time.

Finding love after 40 is a spiritual journey not for the faint of heart. At this point in life, we have all been hurt. Our trust has been fractured. Our programming is strong. But with patience, courage, and a willingness to get uncomfortable in the name of real and passionate love, men and women can navigate the choppy waters of separation and land at the same harbor, happy, whole and as one.

Velva provides a fascinating glimpse into how she shifted her list of “must have” qualities and released her old beliefs and armor to ultimately embrace her divine feminine, fine-tune her intuition, and ultimately attract a love of her life.

If you long for authentic love at the deepest level, are tired of repeating the same patterns, and are ready for a new way of relating to the opposite sex, Unwinding the Divine Masculine is a roadmap that will lead you there.

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September 13, 2022
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