How To Be Attractive: Dominate Your Circle and Exert Influence

How To Be Attractive: Dominate Your Circle and Exert Influence

de Bradley Chase (Auteur)
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This book (How to be attractive, dominate your circle and exert influence on them) will teach you how to effortlessly build your personality with solid skills to be an attraction idol and captivate people. It will show you a sure pathway to confidently approach and excel in any dominating your circle. The content of this book will aid you in automatically transforming yourself to be the centre of attraction in any social setting you find yourself. It will arm you with “how to” equally with its “why” aspect with relatable examples. Be assured that the array of actionable guides, questions, approaches, and replicable techniques embedded in this book will be your personal guide to swiftly growing your sense of personal attraction, charm and magnetism. From the first context to the last module of the book, you will learn powerful topics like;

  • · How to attract people to like you without saying a word

  • · How to attract people like a magnet

  • · What you must do to be powerful and dominate your circle

  • · How to increase your influence, win friends and influence people

  • · Make people trust you by building instant rapport

  • · How to build instant rapport and connection

  • · How to instantly read anyone’s mind

  • · Psychological tricks to control people's mind

  • · Mind tricks to get people to do what you want

  • · How to instantly get people to like you

  • · Psychology tricks to persuade anyone to do what you want

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16 septembre 2022
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