Mom's Dirty Little Lies

Mom's Dirty Little Lies

by Alana Church (Author)
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We all have lies. Lies we tell each other. And lies we tell to ourselves. But today, those lies will be stripped bare. The bisexual lovers who seduce their adopted son. The loving mother who welcomes her son back from the army. The kinky MILF who takes her son's virginity. And the woman who surrenders control to her dominant son. The taboo truth will revealed in "Mom's Dirty Little Lies!"

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Randall emerged from the bathroom with his towel around his waist. His mother was on her bed, her shoes off. Without any fuss, he dropped his towel to the floor and climbed into bed.


He looked over. "What?"

"You're...naked! Put some clothes on!"

He made a disgusted sound. "I always sleep naked, Mom. What am I supposed to do? Put on shorts and a shirt and try to sleep in them? Or maybe a three-piece suit? No way. You should try it. It's really comfortable. Especially when the air is nice and cool and you've got a nice set of clean sheets, and a good comforter. There's nothing like that feeling against your skin."

"I'll pass."

"Your loss," he said, and turned on the television. 

"After hours."

It was a husky voice, deep and rich. If the taste of a hot-fudge sundae could be translated into something audible, it would have sounded like the tall, dark-haired, lushly rounded woman who appeared on the screen, with a smile that suggested there was nothing in the world she would rather do than crawl into bed with you.

"After hours," the woman repeated.

Stella's head jerked up. "Randall! What are you doing?"

"Well, Mom, if we're going to be paying for this hotel room, we might as well get all we can out of it. Want to watch a sexy movie? Come on. It'll be a hoot.

What do we have?" he asked rhetorically, as he began to flip through the selections. "Oh, yeah. Here's Heather Fawxx in The Changing. I've seen that. The Sexual Adventures of Helen of Troy? No, sorry. That one looks like it's got too many men in it. Oh, here's one. Lily's Dirty Bachelorette Party."

Was his mother's voice disgusted or amused? "I really thought I raised you better than this, Randall. So you only lesbian porn?" she stuttered.

He shrugged casually. "Sorry, Mom. I'm a guy. And if you can find a single guy on the planet who will tell you that he doesn't like to see hot naked women making out, he's either lying, dead, or gay. And yeah. I know that some guys like to pretend that they're the man in a porn flick, and they're the ones banging the hot girl. But that grosses me out. Give me two attractive women in bed any day. How about you?"

"How about me what?"

He gestured at the screen. "What do you like to watch?"

"I...I don't know."


"Oh, for heaven's sake. Think about it, Randall." She sat up straight, her voice impatient. "You've seen the house where me and your aunt and uncle grew up. Did it look like your grandparents had high-speed internet? And after you were born and your daddy ran off, I couldn't even afford basic cable."

"Oh. Yeah. Good point." He flushed guiltily, as if their long-ago poverty was somehow his fault. "So, if you were at home and I wasn't around and you decided to give the old vibrator a workout, what would you like to watch?"

"How do you know I use a vibrator?" she demanded.

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September 17, 2022
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