Between two worlds there lays a realm, a place of mystic wonder
Tread lightly in that place or you may be pulled under
Dwell not on all the things you have you’ll not take them anyway
Perhaps you will return, or more likely you will stay

Margo’s life was simple, her feet firm on the ground
Until she fell into a hole, a new world she had found
Never again, she told herself, will I wonder through the maze
It seems I’ll meander here until the end of days

The vines of terror tried to seize her mind, her will extremely strong
She had it wrap around itself while pretending to go along
Giving way to fear was not her style, she knew that she would win
First to throw off tyranny, yet where do I begin

She saw a sliver of light, behold, which direction shall I go
Like a moth drawn toward the light, curiosity it did show
At first the shapes did not make sense, raising her defense
She fathomed it a reptile with wings, but that did not make sense

The fog retreated, the sun peeked in, the cave where she did reside
Surely a dragon, just as bewildered stood there by her side
A mysterious dream, she told herself for dragons are not real
Yet scales I touch upon them, and red eyes pierce like steel

While walking through the maze of life, encounter things we must
Your eyes, your ears, the smell of things, in which one do you trust
When you think things make no sense to you, in your world you preside
Yet you have to wonder, how about the possibilities on the other side

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14 de septiembre de 2022
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