Summary of I’m Glad My Mom Died

Summary of I’m Glad My Mom Died

by Jennette McCurdy - A Comprehensive Summary
by Alexander Cooper (Author)
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I’m Glad My Mom Died - A Comprehensive Summary

Jennette McCurdy is redefining what it means to write a celebrity memoir with an attention-grabbing title and the last sentence that leaves you speechless.

It would be unfair and insulting to dismiss this book as a "celebrity memoir." It is an engrossing, detailed, and intensely personal story of one overcoming many traumatically formative childhood traumas that resulted in adolescence marked by exploitation, eating disorders, drug misuse, and loss.

The way this narrative is delivered is quite similar to fiction. She writes in the present tense, dragging us along very closely with her as she grows in what seems like real-time, even though the book is entirely non-fiction. She realistically develops from a helpless little girl to a strong, independent woman who can think critically about the world around her, and we, the readers, get to see this growth and evolution firsthand.

McCurdy's voice is crisp, humorous, and well-honed; she has a writing talent, which she notes a few times throughout the book as one of her great joys.

The fundamental ideas in this book are dismal, yet the author describes them in a style that is both hilarious and brutally honest. Overall, this was an impressive start from a much more unique and prominent person.

This isn't going to be a "tell-all" full of drama, so don't expect it to be. There are a few tidbits regarding her tenure at Nickelodeon, particularly concerning her interactions with The Creator, as she refers to him, but that's about it. She briefly mentions the connections she had with her co-stars, but any discussion of her acting career is only included if it is essential to understanding her whole journey.

This book is as gloomy and enlightening as it is mixed with comic relief and informed understanding. As a result of reading her story, I have tremendous respect for this lady. The whole planet owes Jennette.

I'm Glad My Mom Died chronicles Jennette's detailed and explicit life before and after entering the entertainment business, up to the discussions about publishing this book. It explores her familial dynamics, her mother's very violent and poisonous relationship with her, and all of the interactions that took place in the background. At the same time, she struggled—trying to please her mother and her job, abusing drugs to stay unconscious, engaging in harmful habits, and rarely acting in her own best interests.

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