The Real Reason Why!

The Real Reason Why!

by Sonal Srivastava (Author)
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With her unique ability of narrating inspirational stories, Sonal Srivastava has been recognized as “The Next Big Name in Modern Literature” and “The Emerging Legend in Modern Literature” by several media platforms. She brings to life a perspective on multiple emotions that can be channeled positively to pursue our passion. Sonal has garnered much attention as one of the Influential Indians in 2022. She ranked as the first-runner up in India’s Top Ten Best Poets competition organized by Swadhya Publishing House. The Real Reason Why!: Journey Of Two Soulmates is her first fictional romance novel.

The alumnus of Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) has previously published two books –Winning Your Demons: Answer To Your Sorrows and The Yodha Of Our Times: The Unsung Heroes Of Our Society– two of her page-turning, captivating, and inspiring books. Sonal Srivastava has also co-authored several anthologies such as Petal 2020, Pandemic Conjuring Chaos, Box of Poems, and The 80 Best Poets of India.

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Publication date
September 18, 2022
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