Thinking on the Other Side of Zero

An Intuitive Philosophy of Mind, Memory and Reality
by Alan Joseph Oliver (Author)
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Have you ever felt someone's eyes on the back of your
head? Or perhaps you may have known who was on the phone, even before you lifted the receiver. Science calls these moments of knowing anomalies. If an anomaly cannot be measured it does not exist so far as science is concerned. I wonder how science measures a mind.
Whenever I feel someone's eyes boring into the back of my head I ask myself if the brain can transmit information, and given the measurements carried out on the brain I have concluded that the answer lies elsewhere. All of the evidence points to mind being non-local, and what that means can be more than you have bargained for.
For a start it means that mind exists outside of time and space, and points to the likelihood that conscious awareness can exist beyond the body: even beyond this particular life. And since mind exercises the faculty of memory, its content must also be outside of time and space.
This last point was particularly helpful to the people who sought my assistance as a healer when they were facing death. My anomaly was always able to make some real contribution to them, and I hope it does the same for you.

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September 08, 2022
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