The Power of God's Consciousness

by James Grant (Author)

The Power of God's Consciousness was written to transform the lives and consciousness of mankind. It was written to transform mankind from a sinful nature and more into fellowship with God. When we read and study God's divine Word, we realize how God's Word can become the bread of life for mankind. God's Word must become the bread of life in our lives so that we can experience how God's Word is able to manifest itself in our lives. We have to implement God's Word in our hearts and minds as God's Word becomes a part of our lives. We have to develop the discipline in our lifestyles that reflect the life of Jesus Christ. Everything that we do at this point in our lives should reflect our discipline and consciousness of God's divine Word in our hearts and is acted out in our lives. When we have confidence and courage in God's divine Word, we are better able to enhance and develop our faith in God. We can only understand our purpose and reason for living through how we define God's consciousness in our lives.

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November 03, 2022
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