Finally, Enough Is Enough

From Victim to Victorious
by Parks,Amber (Author)
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Finally, enough is enough!

Do you wonder if you will ever find freedom from the shame, bitterness, resentment, and brokenness that you carry around with you every day? Do you wonder if anyone will truly love you the way that God loves you? Do you believe that you can live a victorious life free from fear, from always looking over your shoulder, or wondering how you are going to make it through today?

If you said yes to one of these or all of these, then you have picked up the right book. It is time to say, "Finally, enough is enough." It is time to believe that you are worth much more than a punching bag, and you deserve to be loved, feel loved, and be free to live a victorious life.

We all have wounds of many different sizes that have shaped us into who we are, and that is not how God sees us. Our past does not define us. Through God's grace and forgiveness, we are set free from our past. If you have dealt with sexual, physical, emotional, verbal, spousal, spiritual abuse, or abandonment, all of this will affect you as a child and then alter the way you think, act, and feel as an adult. It will rob you of the life that God intended you to live. God does not expect us to live a life full of abuse that would bound and cripple us from a life of freedom.

In Finally, Enough Is Enough, Amber shares her story with you, explaining how she broke free from thirty-eight years of abuse. At the age of thirty-eight, she finally had an aha moment--a moment that she realized she is worth much more and deserves much more. She dug in deep and broke free from all the lies by healing her heart, letting go of the hurt, and learning the true meaning of forgiveness. Amber is no longer living her life as a victim; rather, she is living a victorious life that God intended her to live.

The purpose of telling her story is to help guide you to freedom and true happiness, to help break you from living as a victim and embrace living a victorious life.

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September 24, 2022
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