Give Thanks

For My Body
de Booker,Arnetia (Auteur)
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A children's book can be a great tool to teach your children

valuable lessons of life. In a world full ups and downs, and a

wide diversity of people and circumstances, it can sometimes

be difficult to find the beauty in life. As children, it can be even harder

to find gratitude, with so many things being out of their control.

Whether it's not getting a toy they wanted or having a bedtime,

children can often become frustrated with their limitations and even

begin comparing themselves to others (as we all have been guilty of

at times). In this book, you will find a small list of things in our bodies

that we can be grateful for, while also pointing to the majesty of our

Creator. The details God put into even simplest functions of our body

is often overlooked. This book attempts to highlight those small yet

powerfully impactful things, as a reminder that life itself is a reason

to be grateful. Whether young or old, we can all find something in

this book to identify with and give thanks!

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23 septembre 2022
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2 Mo
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