The Moon Trilogy - The Moon Maid, The Moon Men, & The Red Hawk

All Three Novels in One Volume
de Edgar Rice Burroughs (Auteur)
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Featuring reincarnation, alien invasion, and an epic battle for freedom, this is the complete anti-communist science fiction collection, The Moon Trilogy, by the prolific author of The Tarzan Series, Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Julian knows his future. He is aware he will be reborn to lead Earth on a pioneering expedition through space that will result in centuries of suffering, and he knows that in 100s of years to come, he will drive humanity into a final fight for freedom. Throughout the trilogy, Julian is reincarnated to witness Earth’s first contact with Mars, a devastating discovery on the moon, and the oppressive enslavement of the human race. It is his fate to put an end to human suffering.

Featured in this volume are all three of The Moon Trilogy novels:

    - The Moon Maid

    - The Moon Men

    - The Red Hawk

First published in 1926, Edgar Rice Burroughs’ series is an entertaining dystopian trilogy that should not be missed by fans of The Tarzan Series and science fiction novels.

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26 septembre 2022
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